“Nudity is ok, But Don’t Tell Me About the Value of a Life”

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This is in response to peoples’ response to the Superbowl ads yesterday.  There’s been a lot of buzz about the pro-life ad featuring Tim Tebow and his mother for weeks.  The question is, why?  The ad was so light that anyone who was offended is obviously extremely convicted, otherwise they wouldn’t be on the defensive.  Other commercials were so much more offensive, like the fact that the most scantily clad people were men running around in their underwear, the Go Daddy Girls had more clothes on this year.  Come on people.  Which one is really more detrimental to our society, people talking about the value of life, or people running around in their underwear? We need to reestablish our values as a country.  Aristotle said “tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society.”  That is our problem, we are so tolerant about what is blatantly wrong, and completely apathetic when people attack what is right.  We’re already losing our country, and this is where it starts, in the little things.

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What are you really afraid of?

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The above is a short lecture from Tim Ferriss called Practical Pessimism.  It gives you a couple practical tools to help you face your fears, and most often you realize that you’ve been making a mountain out of a mole-hill.  I would recommend that you watch the video, and attempt the tools that it puts forth.  The quality of your life can depend on it. 5 minutes of your time, what’s the worst that could happen?

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Thomas Pain is Encouraged About Americans

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Last April Thomas Pain was encouraged with how the Americans responded.  Let us not forget this year the strength we began the last year with.  We need to build on it and be certain that we get our country back.  Listen to our brother’s words, and wake up to see what our country has become.  Then once you see the tragedy that has become America, do something to help us get it back.  God bless.

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Thomas Paine Tries to Stimulate America

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Thomas Paine returns to our time to help rally people together to help save our country.  The greatest stimulus package ever would be for the United States citizens to bring back the Constitution.  The Constitution, and Jesus Christ are what our country was founded on and we have removed both.  And as a result, our country has been in decline ever since.  Take back your country and listen to this voice from our past.

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This is a perfect example of what I mean when I say we are asleep.  Our Beloved President just signed Executive Order 13375 this last weekend (read article here).  This basically means that he has declared the H1N1 Swine Flu to be a national Vaccine Failemergency.  A lot of you might be thinking “woop de doo” but this is a big deal.  It is a flagrant abuse of power.

First off: SWINE FLU IS NOT THAT BIG A DEAL!!!  Absolutely nothing changed this weekend in regards to the H1N1 flu.  NOTHING!  There are a number of reasons that our fearless leader might have declared this, but at this point it doesn’t matter.

Second: this is dangerous.  The implications of this order are what concerns me.  Just to start, according to Dr. Mercola it “authorizes Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to bypass normal federal regulations so health officials can respond more quickly to the outbreak”.  This sounds good but those regulations are there for a reason: TO PROTECT YOU!

Mike Adams wrote an entire article on this issue and he lists the following as possible implications of this order: vaccinations can be forced on the population at gunpoint; FEMA can be activated to take charge of “responding” to the emergency; people believed to be infected can be placed involuntarily by FEMA in concentration camps; mandatory searches of their homes; gunpoint detainment.  This is not to say that they are going to do these things, however at this point they have the ability to if they chose.

Do you realize what this means?  This means that the president signed an order that took away YOUR RIGHTS, and you cheered.  This is a horrible violation of the United States Constitution and should not be tolerated.

What should we do?  Write him.  I mean it.  Write the president, and your senators and representatives.  Write every single one of them, sign it in blue ink, and put it in an envelope with a stamp.  Let them know how you feel.  Also go to healthfreedomusa.org and sign the petitions on their site.  They can also send emails to your senator for you.  The best option is to do both, but please do something.  Our country depends on it.

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