Freaking TACO BELL DIET!?!?!?!?!?

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I just saw this advertisement the other day. THE TACO BELL DIET??? Are you kidding me? The first thing to consider is the source: Taco Bell. Fast food is fast food, no matter what. That is never going to change. There are some fast food places that are better than others, but whenever you exchange quality for convenience, you always lose. They even say on the website that the results are “not typical”. That is because most people who go on a diet but “don’t want to give up their fast food” DON’T LOSE WEIGHT. Gee, wonder why. I’ll tell you this, if you want to lose weight, you’re going to have to give up the convenience. Fast food makes you fat, simple as that. Do I eat fast food? Yes, occasionally, but I don’t expect to get healthy, sometimes convenience is the only option. But that still limits me to a couple times per month, and I always try to make the best decision I can.

My second problem is the approach. Apparently Taco Bell has a couple things on the menu that aren’t as fattening. The items are lower in calories and lower in fat. Here’s the problem: drop the calories, drop the fat, drop your metabolism, and get fatter in the long run. Low calorie diets only work for the short term, and after you stop (which we all do) you end up even bigger than before. On top of that the low fat craze has never worked, take a look around, we tried it. Your diet is supposed to fuel you, and that can’t work on a low calorie diet. You end up putting more stress on your body. The idea isn’t to eat less, but to eat more of the right things, and less of the wrong things. This often is an overall increase in caloric intake for my clients.

The best example I have of this is a client that I had last summer. She had stopped losing weight, and I asked her if she’d been eating. She told me that because of the heat she hadn’t been very hungry (we’d just gone through our first heat wave). I told her to make sure she ate more PROTEIN, and the very next week she lost 3 lb. That’s the way the body is supposed to work.

Lastly lets take a closer look at her results. Over 2 years she lost 54 lb, a good achievement. But that is only about half a pound per week. It is unlikely that Taco Bell was the cause of that. Most of my clients will lose at least 10 pounds in the first month with me. There are lots of other things that could have caused that 1/2 pound loss per week. Maybe she started walking, or exercising, or eating more protein, or something else. It is most likely the fact that Taco Bell is capitalizing on something that they weren’t the cause of.

The fact is the Taco Bell diet is as much a quack as the Cookie Diet, or the South Beach Diet. If you want to lose weight you need to learn how to properly fuel your body, not deprive it. God bless, and good luck on everyone’s New Years Resolutions.

Taco Bell Diet


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Thomas Pain is Encouraged About Americans

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Last April Thomas Pain was encouraged with how the Americans responded.  Let us not forget this year the strength we began the last year with.  We need to build on it and be certain that we get our country back.  Listen to our brother’s words, and wake up to see what our country has become.  Then once you see the tragedy that has become America, do something to help us get it back.  God bless.

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Automatic Text Message Reminders

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Back from a difficult few weeks.  My dad passed away on December 22.  Back on the productivity trip that I was on before.  The tool I’m talking about today is called Text Reminders.  Text reminders is a free service that enables you to have preplanned text messages sent to you.  You can remind yourself to do anything you want: check the mail, get on task, call so-and-so, etc.  You basically write your reminder, tell it when you want to receive it, and it shows up at the appointed time.  Great service in general.  I have the following message sent to me: “Are you being productive, or just active?”.  Four times per day I get that message and it helps me stay on task and keeps me from procrastinating or wasting time.  Hope it helps you.  Enjoy.

Tim Ferriss 4-Hour Workweek

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Save Time With YouMail

December 21, 2009 at 8:04 PM (Productivity)

I guess I’m on a productivity trip right now.  Probably because I’m reading Tim Ferriss 4-Hour Workweek.  This time I learned about a great new application.  It’s called YouMail.  Among other great features, the best feature is the Voicemail to Text feature.  For only $3.99 a month you can get up to 50 voicemail messages sent to you through text.  I don’t know about you, but I hate listening to voicemail, most of the time they could have sent a text anyways.  Also, this way I can check voicemail in classes, or movies, or church, etc. without causing a disturbance.  Check it out and see if its for you.

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Great Tool to Help End Procrastination

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When I talk about procrastination, I talk from years of experience.  I’m the guy who will write a 5 page paper less than 24 hours before it’s due, even though I had the assignment for over 3 months.  My wife still makes fun of me for getting her a moose ornament one Christmas (exchanging ornaments is a tradition we have) because I waited till the last minute (it had a nice little message on it, by the way).

I’ve procrastinated just about everything, but now I’ve found something that helps me stay focused and get work done.  Its called the Pomodoro Technique.  It’s really simple to learn, but extremely effective if used.  The idea is to have 25 minutes of focused work, then you get 5 minutes of break time.  These numbers aren’t fixed, but they do work well for most people, the idea is your focused work should be significantly greater than your break time.

To go along with this I found a free App you can download for your computer, which will help you stay on topic, and off Facebook and Twitter.  Its called the Focus Booster.  It is a simple countdown timer that always sits at the top of your screen, meaning it is never in the background, always in the front and visible no matter what screen you’re using.  It can be set to almost any time periods and can be extremely effective.

Here’s how to use it.  I recommend using Parkinson’s Law along with it.  Parkinson’s Law states “that a task will swell in importance and complexity in relation to the time allotted for its completion.”  This means essentially that deadlines matter.  Essentially if you give yourself a shorter deadline, say 25 minutes for a task, if you crack down on focus you can likely complete it in that time period.  Obviously you can’t do everything this way, like rebuild a ’70 Camero in 40 minutes.  But if you set a realistic, maybe a little short deadline, and crack down, you will get more completed in less time.

I use the Focus Booster two ways.  1: I keep my ToDo list right next to me, set the timer for 25 minutes, and start hacking away.  2: I will set a time for a specific task, say 10 minutes to write a blog post, click start, and get it done.  Simple as that, and yet enormously helpful.

Try it, experiment with it, and post how you use it below for others to learn from.  This is something no one should be without.   Good luck, and God bless.

Get the Focus Booster

Learn more about the Pomodoro Technique

4-Hour Workweek for more on improving productivity and cutting back on work time.

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Rays of Health in a Bottle

December 10, 2009 at 3:42 PM (Health and Fitness)

Today we talk about some of the potential benefits of Vitamin D and supplementing with Vitamin D3. For more information about what Vitamin D is good for check out Dr. Mercola’s site:…

To see the liquid Vitamin D-3 that I use look here:…

God Bless

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The Global Warming Crap

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Recently it became known that some of the most critical data for Global Warming has been doctored.  This actually is not very surprising to me because I’ve seen there is a lot of data against it.  In the 1970’s there was in fact a scare over Global Cooling (not making that up).  The fact is that even if the world is warming, we aren’t the cause, and it is very arrogant for us to think we can have such an impact on the earth.  We haven’t even been watching the earth long enough to know if this is normal, or even what normal is.  We’ve only been recording things like temperature and conditions of the earth for MAYBE a couple hundred years.  The Earth is a lot older than that.

However like I was saying, we’re learning that the scientists who are presenting us with this data are so biased that they change the data because ‘they know Global Warming is true’.  So the fact is we cannot trust the data.  There have been thousands of scientists over the last few years who have said that either Global Warming doesn’t exist, or that it is not something we should concern ourselves with (meaning we aren’t the cause, and can’t do anything about it, it’s part of the normal cycle).

My conclusion: I don’t think it exists, and if it does, we aren’t the cause.  Should we try to protect the environment?  Yes, I recycle, I try to use less gas, etc.  But I don’t believe we are effecting the planet.  I do what I do so I don’t have to live in a dump.  I do believe we can make the earth less pleasant, which is obvious.  But we aren’t killing the planet.  Check out the links below to see other articles written on Global Warming.

We need to pick our battles in the fight for our country, and there is nothing to fight for with Global Warming, which makes all our efforts toward preventing/reversing Global Warming wasted and worthless.$22_million_in_grants.htm,2933,578368,00.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&

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Pictures of My Wedding

November 24, 2009 at 12:27 PM (Uncategorized)

For anyone who is interested, our photographer posted pictures of our wedding on his blog.  Just follow the link below.  Enjoy

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Writing Your Own Money

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New Wellness Resurgence Video yesterday. This one is short and about a simple tool that can help your financial health.  Check it out here:

If you are interested, the link is here: Demand Studios

Here is my eHow profile page if you want examples:


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No More Mammograms

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A new article was published today.  The United States have changed their guidelines on when to start routine mammograms from 40 to 50.  Now, I am all for saving peoples lives, both preventing and helping people survive breast cancer.  My grandmother died of breast cancer about 10 years ago.  However the question is whether mammography is any good at all.  There are many questions around the use of mammography.  There are rumors that it causes more false-positives than should be tolerated, so people are being treated for cancer they don’t have.  Also there are many who believe that exposing the breasts to radiation over and over again is a potential cause for breast cancer. The facts remain though that breast cancer rates continue to rise, and deaths from breast cancer continue to rise.  It is failing.  There are better screens for breast cancer than mammography and you don’t have to wait till your 50 for it.  Thermography has shown to be very accurate at not only detecting but predicting breast cancer.  Check out these videos from my buddy Sean on Breast Thermography.  Just something to think about.

Here are a few resources from on mammography

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