Is Organic Really Better?

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There are many people on both sides of the debate about whether ‘organic’ really makes a difference when buying groceries.  Some say that there aren’t enough chemicals in the food to make a difference, some say that it makes a big difference.  The question is: what does the science show? Below are the facts as shown by their corresponding study.

1. Organic Diets have been shown to increase the health of rats.  Source

2. “Animal studies showed better growth and reproduction in animals fed organically grown feed compared with those fed conventionally grown feed” Source

3. Organically grown produce has better nutrition Source

4. In organically grown produce “the risk of diseases caused by contaminated food is significantly reduced” and “it can be concluded that organically produced plant derived food products have a higher nutritional value” Source

5. Organic Grass-Fed beef has higher levels of CLA (a beneficial fat) Source

6. Grass-Fed beef has lower risk of E. Coli Source

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to studies about organic produce, organic meats and dairy.  The fact is: God is smarter than us.  God didn’t make the food wrong, therefore we shouldn’t tamper with it.  When possible, eat organic.  My general rule for food is: given a choice, I pick the food that is more like how God made it, and less like what man has perverted it into.

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The Global Warming Crap

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Recently it became known that some of the most critical data for Global Warming has been doctored.  This actually is not very surprising to me because I’ve seen there is a lot of data against it.  In the 1970’s there was in fact a scare over Global Cooling (not making that up).  The fact is that even if the world is warming, we aren’t the cause, and it is very arrogant for us to think we can have such an impact on the earth.  We haven’t even been watching the earth long enough to know if this is normal, or even what normal is.  We’ve only been recording things like temperature and conditions of the earth for MAYBE a couple hundred years.  The Earth is a lot older than that.

However like I was saying, we’re learning that the scientists who are presenting us with this data are so biased that they change the data because ‘they know Global Warming is true’.  So the fact is we cannot trust the data.  There have been thousands of scientists over the last few years who have said that either Global Warming doesn’t exist, or that it is not something we should concern ourselves with (meaning we aren’t the cause, and can’t do anything about it, it’s part of the normal cycle).

My conclusion: I don’t think it exists, and if it does, we aren’t the cause.  Should we try to protect the environment?  Yes, I recycle, I try to use less gas, etc.  But I don’t believe we are effecting the planet.  I do what I do so I don’t have to live in a dump.  I do believe we can make the earth less pleasant, which is obvious.  But we aren’t killing the planet.  Check out the links below to see other articles written on Global Warming.

We need to pick our battles in the fight for our country, and there is nothing to fight for with Global Warming, which makes all our efforts toward preventing/reversing Global Warming wasted and worthless.$22_million_in_grants.htm,2933,578368,00.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&

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