No More Mammograms

November 17, 2009 at 12:00 PM (Health and Fitness) (, , , , , , , , , , , )

A new article was published today.  The United States have changed their guidelines on when to start routine mammograms from 40 to 50.  Now, I am all for saving peoples lives, both preventing and helping people survive breast cancer.  My grandmother died of breast cancer about 10 years ago.  However the question is whether mammography is any good at all.  There are many questions around the use of mammography.  There are rumors that it causes more false-positives than should be tolerated, so people are being treated for cancer they don’t have.  Also there are many who believe that exposing the breasts to radiation over and over again is a potential cause for breast cancer. The facts remain though that breast cancer rates continue to rise, and deaths from breast cancer continue to rise.  It is failing.  There are better screens for breast cancer than mammography and you don’t have to wait till your 50 for it.  Thermography has shown to be very accurate at not only detecting but predicting breast cancer.  Check out these videos from my buddy Sean on Breast Thermography.  Just something to think about.

Here are a few resources from on mammography


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  1. livingbeyondbc said,

    Great entry! Check out our official statement on the new guidelines:

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