Laziness…I’m Tired of It.

October 28, 2009 at 10:26 AM (Productivity) (, , , , , , , )

This time I’m talking about myself.  I’m tired of having lazy spells.  This morning I slept far more than I needed to, and then dilly dallied for another hour.  So what did I get accomplished?  Almost nothing.  That has come to describe the middle of my week for the last couple months: lazy and unproductive.  I’m tired of it.

My place is dirty, I need to write more articles to make my quota for the month, I have various blogs on top of that, and a book to get started on again.  I don’t have time to be lazy.  I seem to lose focus around Wednesday and don’t get it back till Saturday.  I hate this cycle.

Now, I’m not talking about rest in general, although I do wish I didn’t have to sleep.  Rest is a good thing and should be enjoyed.  Many people do not rest adequately enough which is probably why many people are in first or second stage Adrenal Fatigue.  We do need to know how to rest, slow down, calm down, and say “no” to things.

However today I’ve crossed the line from rest into laziness.  It is similar to the line between enjoying your food and gluttony.  The former is fine, but the latter is excessive.

Lord, please help  me to stay focused on the things you have put in front of me.  And not to be like the sluggard.  Thank you Jesus.


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